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My name is Chris Williams and I'm the proud owner and operator of Hollywood Pressure Washing. We are your Central Florida Premier Pressure Washing Company ready to help you make your property stand out and look as good as new. Whether you are a commercial property or a residential property, my team and I are trained professionals willing and able to help you achieve the clean look you're hoping for.


A little about me!

The nickname Hollywood came from my younger days where I used to model. It since stuck and I haven't really heard anyone call me Chris in a long time. (You can call me which ever name you prefer). 

I am a proud father to my daughter, volunteer at my church in Orlando, and a friend to the community. I have started my own community clean up project to help Care for the Community through keeping my community signage clean. (More about that to come). 

Honesty, Responsibility, Attention to Details, and Transparency are among Hollywood Pressure Washing's Core Values and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to help you restore your property to it's former glory.

Thank you for taking time to visit my website. If you would like to get a FREE estimate on your property, please give me a call today!



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